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Diana & Hal- Carmichael, CA

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Diana & Hal had lived in their home for almost 40 years, but after Hal was admitted to the hospital it was clear that staying in their home was no longer an option. They would have to downsize from their 1600 sq. ft. home into a two-bedroom independent living apartment. With no family in the area and a previous bad experience with a moving company, Diana wondered how she would ever make the transition happen.



Diana & Hal had a lifetime of beautiful possessions that wouldn’t fit into their new home. Because Hal was recovering at the hospital, they weren’t able to spend a lot of time deciding what they wanted to keep in their new residence. There were many high value items like a piano, commercial refrigeration unit, antiques, and custom made theatrical costumes that needed to be sold, as well as a very large collection of photographs and memorabilia that could easily be mishandled. On top of all of this, their realtor was under pricing the home as well as hiding offers.



We sorted and categorized items in advance so Diana & Hal could come and quickly select what needed to be packed. Once we measured furniture and compared it to the floor plan, the best pieces for their new apartment quickly became obvious. Unique or high dollar items were consigned, sold, or given to relatives. A very successful estate sale was held for what was left, with Diana & Hal receiving 100% of the proceeds. Keepsakes and photographs were carefully packed to be preserved for a later date. We connected Diana & Hal with other realtors to get a second opinion on pricing and strategy, resulting in a substantial financial savings for them. With our help, Diana was able to stay focused on her husband rather than stressing about how to make their move happen.


Here’s what Diana & Hal had to say about us:

When my husband and I decided to move into an independent living apartment, we were fortunate to have found New Leaf Senior Transitions Senior Transitions. Our move was complicated by my husband being admitted to the hospital three days after we started and it became apparent that finishing it on our own was not possible. Staci came in, took over and completed the job with hardly a hitch. It was like pulling nails to let go of some of our possessions, especially several antique pieces we had to give up for lack of space… Her patience in waiting for us to make up our minds was admirable, especially when you take into consideration that we had lived in our home for almost 40 years and held onto everything. She also paid attention to every detail and even saved us from a shady real estate deal with her personal knowledge. Her honesty, integrity and straightforward attitude were so very much appreciated. Feel free and confident to hire Staci for any move you are contemplating. DJB, Carmichael, CA