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Senior Transition

June- Roseville, CA


Story: June had been living in her home of over 20 years when her husband James’ health started to take a turn for the worse. June had to not only find a place that would take care of her husband’s needs, but also wanted to move into an independent living apartment that would be close to her husband’s care facility. She was overwhelmed by all of the coordinating it would take to get the process started.

Challenges: June had an especially difficult time making the arrangements needed to pull off a move because she was extremely hard of hearing hearing. It made it nearly impossible for her to communicate her needs over the phone. Since her husband James needed a place that would be able to take care of his extensive health needs, including a feeding tube. On top of all of this June didn’t the physical strength or energy to get the tasks associated with the transition done.

Solutions: New Leaf Senior Transitions started by meeting June in person where we could get a clear understanding of her and her husband’s needs. We then put June in touch with a housing coordinator who found an appropriate care facility for James. Once he was placed, June was able to find her an apartment that would be close enough to visit him easily. Finally, we implemented out floor planning and downsizing system to help June sort through all of her belongings.