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Gail- Sacramento

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Story: Gail had been planning to sell her home in order to relocate and downsize for years. In very poor health, she knew she wouldn’t be able to manage all of the work associated with moving by herself. After a stay in the hospital, her discharge manager referred Gail to New Leaf Senior Transitions.


Challenges: At first, Gail was troubled by the questions that naturally come along to someone in Gail’s situation. Where would she be moving? How would she be able to handle the strenuous tasks associated with moving? Also, Gail was limited on funds and planned to sell part of her extensive collection of antiques and various other collectables. In addition to all of this, she also had a storage unit packed with boxes that she had not opened in many years.


Solutions: We worked with Gail room-by-room, first identifying and safely packing her cherished treasures. Next, we sorted and organized her belongings, handling the physical aspect of the job so that Gail’s energy could be spent on the tiresome task of deciding what would be making the journey with her to her new home. Once we had freed up space in her home, we were able to set out the contents of the storage unit and began packing, sorting and ultimately deciding the fate of each individual item. After what would be staying was decided, we held a very profitable estate sale that brought Gail enough money to put her mind at ease with her financial concerns and allow her to focus on a new task; settling into what would be her new home, in the end Gail could finally relax knowing that she could now focus on the future.