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Senior Transition

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Hoarder Cleanout

Gerald- Sacramento, CA



Gerald’s apartment was packed with unneeded possessions that he had collected over the years. The unit was infested with pests and he was being threatened with eviction if he didn’t get his apartment back to a healthy livable condition. We received a call for help from Gerald’s social worker and worked closely with her to coordinate a plan to get him living safely again.



Because of the pest infestation, all upholstered furniture needed to be disposed of; he needed a new sofa, recliner, and bed along with many other items. Gerald also had many keepsakes, family photographs, and sentimental items that needed to be pulled from the home and cleaned separately while the apartment was being fumigated.



Once the apartment was cleared out, we worked with Gerald’s social worker to coordinate pest control services and cleaning. New Leaf Senior Transitions has the equipment necessary to work in these conditions safely. We were able to salvage sentimental items by removing them the apartment and arranging proper cleaning. New Leaf Senior Transitions was also able to match up the donation of nearly new, unneeded furniture from another client with Gerald so that his expenses were kept to a minimum.