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Hoarding Cleanout

Louise- Sacramento, CA


Story: Louise had been living for her home for 30+ years, the last 10 of which had unfortunately been spent in a state of depression and extreme hoarding brought on by the death of her husband. Her home had become very unmanageable and unsafe, and things spiraled so out of control that a close family friend called New Leaf Senior Transitions to get her house organized and safe for her to live in.

Challenges: Although Louise had been removed from the house and placed in respite care to make the process easier, there were still significant challenges in revamping her residence. This included a severe pest infestation, and valuables including jewelry and family pictures throughout the house that needed to be organized.


Solutions: We started by renting a large dumpster which made the disposal of the very large amount of trash much more efficient. We then delegated a special area where all valuables, pictures, or heirlooms would be stored to keep things organized. New Leaf Senior Transitions finished off by putting organizational systems in place to help prevent Louise’s old hoarding behavior from returning, and a professional deep cleaner was then hired to get the residence looking like new.