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Rita & John- Granite Bay, CA



Rita and her husband, John, still have their health and energy and as they enter their 60’s, and planned on packing for their move from a large home in Roseville to a smaller home nearby. After a bit of procrastination, they realized they would never be able to be completely moved out by the closing date of their sold home. At this point, they called New Leaf Senior Transitions to help them meet their deadline.



Rita and John had less than a week to move out and still had not packed a single box. There were many fragile items and valuable artwork that needed to be properly and safely packed. Rita knew she wanted to get rid of much of the clutter but was having a hard time deciding what to let go. There were also a considerable amount of unwanted items that needed to be donated and documented for tax purposes.



We started working with Rita and John immediately after they contacted us, working room by room to sort for packing, selling, donation, and disposal. By adding an additional crewmember, we were able to quickly make up for lost time and help Rita and John meet their deadline.