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Marge- Carmicheal, CA

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Marge had been living in her home of 20 years, alone since her husband passed away 10 years ago. She had been thinking about moving into a senior apartment for many years, but put it off because of the overwhelming amount of planning, hard work, and execution that she just did not have the time or energy to implement. After the executive director at a facility she had been looking into recommended our name to Marge, we successfully transitioned her into her new apartment in a matter of weeks.



Marge had a lifetime of possessions that needed to be sorted through and downsized. She also wasn’t sure what furniture would fit best in her new apartment, and had some large furniture and an antique organ that needed to be sold. In addition, she wanted to pass down her large collection of antique glass and collectibles to her children and grandchildren before her move, but wasn’t sure how to do so 100% fairly.



We tackled the downsizing portion of Marge’s move by sorting through one room at a time in 4-hour sessions. Once we determined what she wanted to keep, we visited the new apartment, took photographs, and used the floor plan to determine what fit best. We sold valuable furniture that she couldn’t use and found homes for hard to sell items like a Hammond organ. The highlight of Marge’s move was a “party” we set up for her children and grandchildren where she passed on dozens of family heirlooms and antiques to the next generations using a lottery system, which resulted in everyone leaving happy and grateful.


Here’s what M. had to say about us:

When I decided to move into a retirement apartment from a 2100 sq. ft. home, I hired Staci to help me downsize. She not only seemed to know exactly what I should keep but then also organized a very successful estate sale to deal with the items I didn’t want. My move would have been much more difficult without her expertise. I’ll be forever grateful. Sincerely, Marge W., Sacramento, CA