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Long Distance Move

Donald- Roseville, CA


Story: Donald was living in a 2 bedroom apartment were he was recovering from a fall from earlier in the year. Once he reached a point where he could take care of his day-to-day tasks he decided he wanted to move to Rosarito, Mexico where the cost of living was much cheaper, and where he felt he could comfortably live for the rest of his life.


Donald’s main challenge was the fact that this would be a one-way trip and he only wanted to take what he could pack into his car. He also had to be vacated from his apartment within 3 days.


New Leaf Senior Transitions Senior Transitions worked with Donald for two days, going through every item helping him choose what to take and what to trash, as he was more concerned with the speed of the move than with selling or donating items. We then packed his car as tightly as possible with the items he decided he wanted to keep. Finally, New Leaf Senior Transitions finished by arranging for a deep clean on the apartment.