Hoarder Cleanout

Hoarding Cleanout

Senior Transition

Kay & David- Rocklin, CA




Story: Kay and David had been living in a 5000+ sq. ft. home, near their children and grandchildren for the past 10 years. Once their grandchildren were grown, they decided to move to the Bay Area where they could enjoy their retirement.

Challenges: Due to the large size of the residence it was hard for Kay and David to know were to begin. They also they had a full attic full of possessions that had not been touched in years. Kay and David wanted to downsize considerably, putting some items in storage for family, donating unneeded items, and packing essentials for the move to the Bay Area.


Solutions: New Leaf Senior Transitions broke the process down into manageable steps by working one room at a time with Kay and David. We implemented our downsizing system going through every item in the house and categorizing items into “keep”, “sell”, “donate”, and “trash”. After getting rid of all unwanted items in the house and packing what they would take with them, we moved the rest of their possessions safely to storage. Kay and David were able to get settled into their new bay area apartment in a matter of weeks


Here’s what Kay had to say about us:

It’s too bad I can’t give this business 10 stars, because they truly deserve a more than outstanding rating. I called New Leaf Senior Transitions Senior Transitions to help us move out of our 4,000 sq. ft. home in Roseville. They worked with me for two weeks to get the job done, and I would have never finished were it not for their help. They have an amazingly efficient and easy way of sorting items to keep, donate, sell, or dump, and they kept track of all the donation items for tax purposes. They helped us organize our storage units, pack our moving truck, wrap pictures, pack items to keep or donate, took stuff to the dump, and kept me sane throughout the ordeal. Staci and Connor were absolutely delightful to work with. They never pushed me to get rid of anything if I was hesitant to make a decision, and they were compassionate and caring about things that I cared about. Their services are perfect for seniors, but I think that anyone who is moving and needs help making their way through a houseful of things will find them valuable. They were always on time and communicated their every move. At first, I was uncertain about the cost, but in the end it was well worth every penny. My husband commented that “maybe they could follow us around” when we decide where to move next. I couldn’t be more satisfied, and I’m so thankful I found them.