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Thelma- Loomis, CA



Thelma had contacted us to move her mother from her home of 15 years into an assisted living facility. Unfortunately before we could start packing, Thelma’s mother passed away. She was devastated and had no idea how she would go through her mother’s things. She decided to instead have New Leaf Senior Transitions to do a full estate cleanout and catalogue of her mother’s home and possessions.



Thelma and her mother were very close, so the idea of somebody going through her mother’s belongings was difficult for her to think about. In addition working with a grieving daughter added a need to be especially sensitive to the process; she was worried about family heirlooms, photographs, and other sentimental items being mishandled or disposed of. She also wanted to be able to see everything in the home before deciding what to do with each item.


The difficult emotions that come with having to sort through a lost loved one’s possessions can be challenging. This is why New Leaf Senior Transitions implemented our keepsake preservation system, in which we categorize everything that could possibly have sentimental value. We then cleaned out the rest of the home and arranged all of Thelma’s mother’s possessions in an organized manner, so Thelma could easily decide what to do with each item.